LED@ London Bridge Electricians

At London Bridge Electricians we supply and fit or supply only all types of Led Lighting, we have a massive selection of bulbs and fittings available for next day delivery. We also have a full team of qualified electricians available for replacing standard office and shop lighting to LED lighting through out London.




Our Led panels are 40 watt and are 50% cheaper to run than standard fluorescent light fittings this gives massive savings for companies that have lights on all day long for example shops, offices ETC , there is also a 3 year warranty and this is great for offices as the led panels are maintenance free and saves a lot of money on maintenance and new tubes.

We have led bulbs and fittings for the home, hotels, bars, hospitals, airports, offices, factories ETC.
We do small quantities for the home to large commercial office led lighting in London so do not hesitate to call for some advise, quotations, and availabilities of stock.

led panel

Some of our products include led lamps and bulbs, led tape,  led flood lights, led office lights for London, led street lighting, led high and low bay fittings.